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Who We Are
We are experts that apply
cutting-edge systems & technology to deliver unparalleled results

Cost Reduction
Legal Recovery
Risk Reduction
Network Optimization
Operational Efficiency
Contract Enhancement
33.772194 -84.363919 BASED IN ATLANTA

Our team & our solution

  • Our team is comprised of telecom contract experts, forensic data analytics experts, and financial services IT infrastructure & security experts
  • Our forensics analysts will find the problems, fix them, and give you total control – saving money, reducing risk, and eliminating time wasted on inefficient tasks
  • The strategic partnerships we have with several emerging tech companies enable us to deliver unparalleled results at high speed
  • The proprietary technology we provide allows our clients to “visualize” and interact with their IT infrastructure data, and make fast & confident decisions toward efficiency increases & cost reduction

Our approach

  • We have a light touch on the front end – requiring only a few pieces of easily accessible information
  • Our engagement model is designed to be simple and straightforward
  • We show our clients what their opportunity is before we hit the ground
  • We engage through both a traditional fee structure and/or on a contingency basis

Our alignment

  • We help our clients achieve savings – identifying opportunities, assisting in controlled execution, planning & partnering on strategic negotiations, and leading implementations (start to finish)
  • We are not a ‘one & done’ shop, but instead we setup a sustainable solution for our clients (SmartSite) and provide ongoing support & recommendations well after our initial engagement

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