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How We Engage
Our typical engagement consist of 4 phases ...and we conduct the initial assessment with your current workload in mind.

Phase 1: Assessment

We require only a limited amount of information up front to get started, and we start building your SmartSite as soon as we get the data… to baseline, benchmark, analyze and visualize your data.

In a short time, we’ll show you where the opportunity is at hand… quantify the value, the efforts entailed, the resources required, and provide an estimate of how long each objective will take to achieve.

Plan & Design
Phase 2: Plan & Design
In this phase we develop the roadmap and engagement plan – including a detailed timeline associated with your priorities. Activities in this phase include but are not limited to:
  • Developing single book of record (SmartSite baseline) and Visualization Tool to assist in site-level analytics
  • Analyzing ‘Big’ contracts and pricing agreements against invoices
  • Identifying and remove unnecessary and Non-Client phone lines
  • Verifying capacity levels, identify unused and unneeded inventory, define standards
We will share additional insights that show recommended focus areas and actions based on:
  • Categories / Subcategory Grouping
  • Quantities
  • Costs (high-level)
  • Price Points
  • Risk mitigation
We will establish and provide an automated secondary set of tools built into the database -giving transparency into process & achievements (real-time)
Phase 3: Execute
In this phase we will execute on the Plan. Activities in this phase include but are not limited to:
  • Conduct additional capacity and utilization analysis
  • Build suspension and disconnect engine to reduce risk and drive savings
  • Develop initial SmartSite interactive mapping of Global, Regional, National, State, City, and Sites (both active and inactive)
This is the phase where the biggest savings is realized through our work in:
  • Managing carrier circuit suspensions and reductions
  • Detailing carrier recovery claims
  • Implementing process efficiency recommendations
  • Drafting business cases for infrastructure enhancements (with supporting financials)
Phase 4: Operationalize
In this phase we establish a sustainable process for your team – through information transfer & education in:
  • Evolving infrastructure orders & requests
  • Installing SmartSite data management
  • Training your supporting team
  • Redefining and rolling out a new supplier management process
When this phase is complete, you will have:
  • Current state workflow, target state recommendations
  • Clear roles & responsibilities
  • More controls (checks & balances)
  • More automation
  • More accountability (by sector, project & individual)
  • Reduced complexity
  • …and the SmartSite tool along with our team in place… Supporting your team going forward

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