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Most recently we delivered
game-changing results for a large
regional bank.

Cost Reduction
Legal Recovery
Risk Reduction
Network Optimization
Operational Efficiency
Contract Enhancement
33.772194 -84.363919 BASED IN ATLANTA
Case Study #3: Large Regional Bank
This initiative has secured major run-rate savings, identified and took action on historical overcharges & waste, eliminated network vulnerabilities and risk, and streamlined inventory management creating long-term efficiencies supporting many other projects.
How did we do it?
    • Advanced Analytics & Applied Forensics Approach
    • Proprietary Cloud Technology & Emerging Tech Partners
    • Telecom Experts evaluating contracts, invoices
    • Expertise and IC in industry, supplier pricing and processes mapping
    • Control of carrier portals, invoice details, and regional carrier contacts
    • Our team was onsite every day working with their executive leadership & network engineers

Cost Reduction & Recovery

Results delivered:
  • Identified $65M+ in spend overcharges & waste
  • Led $15M+ in litigation recovery on behalf of the client
  • Secured $13.6M+ per year in run-rate cost reduction ($1.1M/month forever)
  • Captured $2M+ in one-time credits

Risk Reduction

Results delivered:
  • Disconnected over 7,000 circuits (across multiple carriers)
  • Significantly reduced carrier supply base
  • Built ‘Book of Record’ for all locations, circuits & devices in SmartSite
  • Normalized all dirty carrier data & created 4-level categorization
  • Added bandwidth, capacity and utilization analysis to inventories
  • Introduced transparency into device life-cycle, aiding in network vulnerability analysis
  • Eliminated significant operational risk & vulnerability (and removed several Audit issues)

Network Optimization

Results delivered:
  • Introduced alternative infrastructure strategies to increase scalability & resiliency
  • Compiled, validated, and rationalized a “clean device inventory”, reducing licensing, support & maintenance costs
  • Developed and deployed a comprehensive sanitization and disposal process, which allowed this client to get full value for the equipment they disposition

Operational Efficiency

Results delivered:
  • Drafted new operational support workflows to facilitate transition & transformation, adding speed & accuracy to internal procedures and other projects
  • Defined & documented universal process for device sanitization, reclamation and disposal – establishing consistency and value capture
  • Analyzed and re-wrote each of the main supplier contracts reducing operational complexity & costs
  • Implemented new Order Portal for all circuits & branch network devices, streamlining initiation and automating authorization controls and carrier deployments

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