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What We Do
We go beyond your
typical TEM transaction

Cost Reduction
Legal Recovery
Risk Reduction
Network Optimization
Operational Efficiency
Contract Enhancement
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At Nesterra we provide IT network asset & expense management software & professional services, applying leading-edge Fintech & advanced analytics to achieve what no other entity or solution can.

Cost Reduction & Recovery

Analyzing contracts, invoices and inventories quickly and effectively… eliminating waste & overages.

Action Plan Includes:
  • Applying price-point analysis & right-sizing (using Nesterra benchmark data)
  • Conducting contract audit against invoices –identifying overcharge & waste
  • Facilitating contract enhancement –leveraging proven carrier strategies
  • Actioning on multiple data & voice line spend reduction opportunities (including features elimination/ conversions, TFN porting & advanced features, trunk group rationalization, Centrex migrations, and more)

Risk Reduction

Analyzing infrastructure entry points, port level and trust zone security, mitigating & eliminating risk through direct action & strategic planning.

Action Plan Includes:
  • Eliminating dangerous external access points (addressing audit issues, MRAs, etc.)
  • Automating management of 3rd Party locations, circuits, devices, and B2B tunnels
  • Establishing & operationalizing LAN/WAN security management best practices
  • Building a global site, circuit & device inventory (accurate and automated)
  • Developing gap assessment & resolution business plans (examples: Network Access Controls, Port Level Security, Network Segmentation, etc.)

Network Optimization

Analyzing capacity, utilization, and requirements, and providing more cost effective & efficient alternatives.

Action Plan Includes:
  • Conducting voice line white-listing & determinant testing & analysis
  • Conducting data bandwidth & utilization analysis
  • Developing location needs categorization and verify capacity levels
  • Identifying unused and unneeded inventory, define standards
  • Building an efficient ‘suspension’ and disconnect controls engine (tools, resources, comms and SOPs)

Operational Efficiency

Mapping operational workflow and instituting industry best practices in parallel with the new more user-friendly SaaS technology we introduce.

Action Plan Includes:
  • Cleaning up and reorganize accounts
  • Analyzing and consolidate supplier base
  • Creating knowledge management, resource resiliency, and integral process workflows
  • Defining support team structure & provide training
  • Instituting supplier management process (meeting cadence, audit and updates)

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